From Humble Beginnings

Warren County born and raised, our business, like most small businesses, started from humble beginnings. Our journey began several dog ages ago, when Cherrybrook was originally founded and grew to become one of America's most respected sources for products among pet professionals and groomers. Since October 2005, when Claudia and Roy Loomis purchased Cherrybrook, we have built upon that foundation.  We have turned our focus and our experience to serving the needs of pet parents. Our success has enabled us to expand from one to six retail store locations with and focus on holistic wellness and nutrition for the pet community. As our stores continue to evolve and develop their own unique niche in the pet world, it was clear that our stores deserved their own brand identity - and thus, CB Pet Market was born. 

As pet parents, and pet sport enthusiasts, our retail pet supply business, dedicated to nutrition education and wellness is where our passion lies. Our updated branding reflects what we provide to our retail store customers and our dedication to serving their pet's needs. 

About Our Team

Our team members have solid, hands-on pet expertise, as groomers, breeders, handlers, trainers, and as experienced and passionate pet parents. With extensive product knowledge, and product training, our team is always happy to help you make the best choices for your pets. Our team members have pets and have used many of the products we offer in our stores, so they are able to provide first hand recommendations and practical advice.  

At CB Pet Market we take pride in delivering award winning customer service!   

CB Pet Market Stores & Nutritional Philosophy

Our CB Pet Market stores have a thoughtfully crafted selection of pet food in harmony with our nutritional philosophy that optimal nutrition is best achieved when pet our pet’s diets are free of corn, wheat, soy, by-products artificial coloring and chemical preservatives.  

We specialize in pet foods containing natural ingredients, with named sources of protein, whole grains, and holistic ingredients. CB Pet Market offers a variety of quality grain inclusive and grain free choices; as well as raw frozen, freeze dried raw, gently cooked, and canned food options. In addition, we carry a comprehensive line of natural and organic supplements; when combined with a healthy diet will help ensure your pet lives a healthy, happy, and longer life.  

Our stores are staffed with a team of pet owners and pet professionals who have years of pet nutrition training and experience, as well as years of pet parenting under their belts. We only offer carry the foods we feed our own pets.  

At CB Pet Market when it comes to nutrition, we talk the talk and walk the walk!  

Did someone say Walk...